I.L.S.A.M. Spa
Strada della Rotonda,1
10070 BARBANIA (TO) Italy
Tel. +39 011 9243461
Fax +39 011 9243397

I.L.S.A.M. S.p.A.

Experience, Technology and Productivity

With more than 50 years of experience, within an area where the steel forging is the tradition, ILSAM SpA has managed over the years to meet with industry-leading technologies, achieving the goal to offer efficiency and quality to its customers in line with market demands. ILSAM produces hot steel forgings for the following industry fields: tractor manufacturers, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial vehicles in general, moving parts for motorcycles and automobiles, hydraulic cylinders for the oleodynamic sector. Steel deformation is carried out by means of double effect drop-forging hammers up to 2.500 tons, screw presses and rod presses up to 2.500 tons.The experience gained in 50 years of activity and the technological evolution of the machine tools, enable us to supply finished products obtained through different mechanical processes, heat treatments and laboratory tests.