I.L.S.A.M. Spa
Strada della Rotonda,1
10070 BARBANIA (TO) Italy
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ILSAM SPA has a Quality System Certified according to the European standards, issued by the most respected institutions. The certification of our Quality System has been one of the first aim to give a total and complete satisfaction to our customers. The continuous demand for higher quality standards and the resulting customer satisfaction is one of our company fixed point. This goal is achieved through a strong quality control system. Our philosophy is based on constant and continuous commitment, periodic specialized training, technical training and dynamism of our staff. We make use of our technological tools to control each production stage, such as: Analytical fixed and portable Quantometres and Magnetotest for the initial control of the raw material, fixed and portable infrared pyrometers for the continuous monitoring of the production, magnetoscope to intercept any discontinuities, microscope and durometers for laboratory tests. The ILSAM quality staff regularly analyzes, with high-tech software, the data coming from our production departments and from the data-control, and processes and reprocesses them for a continuous quality improvement.

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